500 White C5+ Gummed Plain Windowed Envelopes (162mm x 235mm)


These 500 white C5 windowed gummed envelopes are brand new and made of highest quality. These meet the specified requirements as set by Royal Mail, being very suitable for your business.

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These are 500 White C5+ Windowed Gummed Envelopes (162mm x 235mm).

Product Specifications

View the product specifications for the 500 White C5+ Gummed Plain Windowed (45mm x 90mm Window) Envelopes (114mm x 235mm) below.

  • Envelope Quality Weight: 90gsm
  • Envelope Colour: White
  • Envelope Type: Windowed
  • Window Size: 45mm x 90mm
  • Window Position: 20mm from the left, 60mm from the bottom
  • Envelope Seal: Gummed
  • Envelope Dimensions: C5, 162mm x 235mm
  • Box Quantity: 500 Envelopes

Franking Ink will guarantee these self seal envelopes to be of high quality or we will offer you a full ‘no quibble’ refund.